Crematory Services & Cremation Prices

Compare us to other Cremation Services in Boynton Beach. We don't only offer local cremation services, we disclose all of our cremation prices right on our website. Some firms place partial price lists and fail to disclose other cremation fees and costs. With our firm, individuals can review and then print our general price list without the need to call or ask our staff. This puts more control into the hands of those we service.

The majority of local funeral homes and other cremation providers do not offer this transparent approach. Other firms want you to call or to come to their location. We find that upfront and clear pricing is what individuals want. Therefore, our question to you is, "if you can not trust another providers pricing, why trust them with your loved one?" 

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Local Cremation Services in Boynton Beach, Delray, West Palm and Boca Raton

Cremation Services By The Sea offers local cremation services in Boynton Beach, Delray, West Palm Beach, Boca and the surrounding cities. Since its inception, our family owned business has been entrusted by thousands of families in South Florida, just like yours. 

When selecting a cremation provider during the most difficult times, choose a leader with experience, understanding and honest pricing. Many funeral homes and cremation providers in South Florida, have been practicing, what we would like to call, "racing to the bottom" with their pricing methods. This term is used when funeral homes and other cremation providers try to outbid each other on these delicate services. 

 Beware of firms using this practice and offering "the lowest cost cremation." Haggling is just not professional in funeral services. We can not warn you enough to stay away form these businesses. In many cases, they are not giving you the services, attention and dignity that you or your loved one deserves during a loss, because they are cutting general costs.

At Cremation Services By The Sea, your family will receive professionalism and personalized care. We guide each family through the arrangement process, from it's start to finish. In fact, we provide seamless cremation arrangements along with the highest standards of care in the industry.

When you choose Cremation Services By The Sea, you are not just selecting a leader, you are choosing a family that is dedicated to taking the time to care, each step of the way.

"Cremation costs and cremation prices that are affordable, reliable and clear."