Cremation Services Guaranteed Pricing

When families pre-pay for future services with Cremation Services By The Sea, our arrangements are guaranteed to keep you or a loved one covered for future services. Each cremation arrangement is placed into a specialized and independent trust account. This is the safest and most secure method to protect pre-need funds. Florida has strict license requirements for pre-paid funeral arrangements and cremation arrangements. Families can rest assure that when selecting our family business, their final wishes are safe and secure. For more information, please contact our office, it is our honor to assist you.

Cremation Services By The Sea

Benefits of Pre-Paid Cremation Plans

The choice to pre-plan for final arrangements can be a difficult choice. However, research has found that doing so ultimately gives an individual a "peace of mind" feeling. Pre-planning benefits can give comfort to other relatives and relieve the burden of making such choices at an unexpected time.

If you have ever had to make funeral service arrangements, you may recall how complex the choices can be. Arrangements can be confusing and emotional during a loss. So, where does one start? Simply expressing ones wish to others is certainly the first step of the process. Initiating the wishes with a professional and obtaining clear choices at a more comfortable time, can make the the choice for cremation more definitive.

What are the pre-paid options?

Individuals can choose to place a small amount of money down on their arrangements, then make monthly or quarterly payments. In fact, making payments over time is very common. Another choice is to pay for cremation arrangements in full. This method is generally a one time payment and guarantees our services prices - for future need. 


Bypass Local Funeral Homes For Cremation Services Boca Raton

Cremation Services By The Sea, can assist families nationwide for securing pre-planned and pre-paid crematory services. Our associates understand the difficult choices that one may have, when planning for one of the most sacred elements of end of life decisions. Through years of experience and dedication to family services, we offer the most efficient arrangement process for South Florida Families. Bypass local funeral homes for cremation services near Boca Raton and nearby cities. Let us help you secure your final wishes for direct cremation services. Contact us for more information.