Affordable Cremation Prices - Palm Beach County, FL

Immediate Cremation Arrangements

For the most affordable cremation prices in Palm Beach County for immediate cremation arrangements, we recommend our paperless cremation forms. To begin, click the begin arrangements (orange box) below. Then create a new user profile. For existing users, use your established account to gain access. Once the form opens, you may start and complete the direct cremation service arrangements at your pace. For tips and advice, use the question marks within the form as you navigate forward. To contact us, please call during business hours for assistance. Please note, the online forms are available to you 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. 

Local Cremation Prices - Online Cremation Arrangements

Cremation Services By The Sea - Begin Online Cremation Arrangements

Cremation Services By The Sea, has simplified direct cremation arrangements. Use our cremation center online system to bypass funeral homes for simple cremation prices. Below, families can seamlessly start and finish the direct cremation arrangement process. Simply create a new user account and gain access to our paperless online e-documents. The forms can be signed from any computer, smart phone or tablet and easily submitted to our office, right from your fingertips.

Cremation Arrangements - Basic Cremation Services

Cremation Services By The Sea, offers dignified transportation of the deceased and basic cremation services. We service families that wish to bypass the use of a funeral home and use a direct cremation provider. 

What is a Direct Cremation? How Do I make cremation arrangements?

Direct cremation arrangements are when the decedent is transported from the place of death, directly to the crematory, for cremation services. It does not include services such as funeral or religious services, embalming, viewing (public or private) or the requirement to purchase a casket. In most cases, direct cremation prices are much lower than traditional services.