Bypass Funeral Homes for Cremation Services Boynton Beach - Boca Raton.

Cremation Services By The Sea, has simplified the direct cremation arrangement process. Use our cremation center online system to bypass funeral homes for simple cremation. Below, families can seamlessly start and finish the cremation arrangement process with formal access to our paperless online e-documents. The forms can be signed from any computer, smart phone or tablet and easily submitted to our office, right from your fingertips.

You will receive a confirmation email for each form submitted. Note: each document is protected with a certified SSL Certificate, to ensure that your information is safe. In addition, for quality assurance, your IP Address is recorded with your submission. 

To begin the arrangement, simply complete each form, sign and submit. It's that easy.

Pre-Planning Tips

Be sure that all fields are completed, do not leave blanks, otherwise you can not complete or submit the requests. The information on each form is vital for state records, if you are planning for someone that has not passed away, you may use the keyword "PLANNING" in areas requesting information that is not yet known, such as "place of death, date of death and time of death."  

Cremation Urns & Merchandise

No other funeral home or cremation services provider in the State of Florida, can offer high quality merchandise for the prices that our firm does. In fact, our sister company, Precious Memorial Urns is an exclusive provider for the families that we service. Although cremation urns and other merchandise items are options, we guarantee that you will not pay less for them with any other funeral home or other cremation provider, here in Florida.

To view some of the exclusive options that we offer, click the green links below.

Direct Cremation Information

Cremation Services By The Sea, offers dignified transportation of the deceased and basic cremation services. We service families that wish to bypass the use of a funeral home and use a direct disposition provider. 

What is a Direct Cremation?

A direct cremation is when the decedent is transported from the place of death, directly to the crematory, for cremation services. It does not include services such as funeral or religious services, embalming, viewing (public or private) or the requirement to purchase a casket.